Established in 1997, Changzhou Jianlong Metal Products Co., Ltd. is an complex manufacturer specialized in producing BBQ products, Kitchen wares, Bathroom wares, Advertising shelf and other metal products.
It’s located in the beautiful Yangtse delta -----Changzhou ZhongLou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu. Which covers 20000 M2 producing space and has more than 400 workers.
We has got the Import-Export authority, ISO 9001:2000 Certification and ISO 14001 environment Certification.
Our main products can be divided into 4 series:
BBQ equipments: BBQ stove, BBQ plate, BBQ mesh, BBQ tong etc;
Kitchen wares: Oil pot, Frying cover, Stainless Dish rack, Sauce rack etc;
Bathroom wa...
Size: 180×147×215 MM N.W: 5.8 KGS G.W: 6.8 KGS(12PCS/CTN) BOX: 460×315×450 MM
Descp: Steel 0.4MM Size: 185×137×170 MM N.W: 4.7 KGS (Steel 0.4MM) G.W: 5.2 KGS(Steel 0.4MM)
Size: 305×205×95 MM N.W: 6.8 KGS G.W: 8.8 KGS(10PCS/CTN) BOX: 460×260×560 MM
Size: 375×210×130 MM N.W: 5.4 KGS G.W: 7.4 KGS(10PCS/CTN) BOX: 560×400×450 MM CTNS/Q: 260CTNS/2600PCS/20’GP   670CTNS/6700PCS/40’HQ
Size: 200×70×25 MM N.W: 2.0 KGS G.W: 3.0 KGS(30PCS/CTN) BOX: 42×18×37 MM CTNS/Q: 965CTNS/28950PCS/20’GP    2323CTNS/69690PCS/40’HQ
Size: 510×300×25 MM N.W: 11.5 KGS G.W: 12.8 KGS(30PCS/CTN) BOX: 530×320×75 MM CTNS/Q: 2120CTNS/63600PCS/20’GP    5300CTNS/159000PCS/40’HQ
Size: 400×35×35 MM (STAINLESS) N.W: 6 KGS G.W: 7 KGS(60PCS/CTN) BOX: 420×300×300 MM CTNS/Q: 725CTNS/43500PCS/20’GP
Size: 630×310×700 MM N.W: 11.5 KGS G.W: 13.5 KGS(3PCS/CTN) BOX: 710×390×590 MM CTNS/Q: 165CTNS/495PCS/20’GP 397CTNS/1191PCS/40’HQ
Size: φ300×200 MM N.W: 7 KGS G.W: 9 KGS(8PCS/CTN) BOX: 620×620×420 MM CTNS/Q: 167CTNS/1336PCS/20’GP 420CTNS/3360PCS/40’HQ
Size: 410×400×310 MM N.W: 10 KGS G.W: 11.5 KGS(3PCS/CTN) BOX: 445×440×420 MM CTNS/Q: 328CTNS/984PCS/20’GP 826CTNS/2478PCS/40’HQ
Size: 380×235×210 MM N.W: 9 KGS G.W: 11 KGS(4PCS/CTN) BOX: 500×400×380 MM CTNS/Q: 355CTNS/1420PCS/20’GP 901CTNS/3604PCS/40’HQ